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Some of our favourite products from our pantry

Packaged in a free JST Bag and exclusive to Go Buy Local.

This bag contains one of each of the following:

Truefood - Pearled Barley 400g
Truefood - Sorghum 400g
Truefood - Brown Lentils 400g
Truefood - Split Green Peas 400g
Truefood - Bulgar Wheat 400g
Truefood - Rolled Oats 400g
Truefood - Mung Beans 400g
Truefood - Black-eye Beans 400g
Truefood - Haricot Beans 400g
Truefood - Red Split Lentils 400g
Truefood - Sugar Beans 400g
Truefood - Organic Mealie Meal 400g
Truefood - Butter Beans 400g
The Fruit Cellar Strawberry Jam 140g
The Fruit Cellar Blueberry Jam 140g
Tierhoek Organic Apricot Jam 125ml
Clarks Kitchen Single Malt Whiskey Marmalade
Tierhoek Organic Lemon Marmalade 260ml
Roscherrs Diabetic Three Fruit Marmalade 330g
Khoisan Tea - Organic Cinnamon Powder 30g
Khoisan Tea - Org Cinnamon Extract 2-Fold 50ml
Clarks Kitchen Bourbon BBQ Sauce 470g
Clarks Kitchen Chipotle Chilli Sauce 470g
Clarks Kitchen Hot Sticky Plum Sauce 470g
Taka Health Turmeric Pouch - 200g