Nandi Jerky Strips (150g)

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Nandi™ offer pet treats made from uniquely African proteins. This includes novel proteins such as Ostrich, Venison and traditional proteins like Nguni Beef. Each delicious Nandi™ Jerky Strip is slow cooked and smoked with real hard wood. Nandi™ Jerky Strips are prepared using all-natural ingredients - pure meat trimmings. The wild delight experienced by your pet every time you give them a Nandi™ treat will be all the proof you'll ever need of the promise in our name, expressing both our origin and heritage.

Anytime Snack. 100% Natural ingredients - No grains, gluten or fillers. Natural preservatives - Rosemary extract and Rooibos. High protein, low-fat.

Bushveld Venison

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